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Monday, April 24, 2006

Heaven in Your Head

Stereophile covers the recent, first ever national meet of the internet headphone community, These are not your daddy's white earbuds .

Wow! Talk about enthusiasts...there's a pair of headphones pictured in this article for $15K. Yes, that's $15,000. If you're looking for the absolute authority on headphones, how to test, where to buy, these guys should be the first stop while researching your headphone purchase.

A Few Treblemaker Recommendations
Here's a sample from the article: "As we walked the perimeter of the room scanning the manufacturer's tables, we spied a gent with bright green goo packed into his ears. Ultimate Ears had brought an audiologist with them to produce custom molds for their $900 UE-10 in-ear monitors (which JA will be reviewing shortly). "Here," said Mike Dias, "try these with the temporary foam inserts and tell me what you think." Minutes later, I was grooving to Gorillaz, experiencing intensely physical bass and phenomenal clarity. When I resurfaced, dazed and confused, Dias sat me down in the chair, and the next thing I knew, the audiologist was stuffing foam into my ear canal so he could take a custom mold of my ear."
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