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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pioneer Receiver Supports XM Radio and WMA-Pro Audio

Hard to believe a receiver this cheap supports both XM Radio and WMA Pro (the decoder is built into the receiver). It gets a solid score of an 8/10.

This product is avaialble on Amazon. Essentially, if you're looking for the perfect receiver upgrade and/or jumping-off point for your home entertainment system, this receiver offers anything and everything you will ever need to act as the hub for your system. With today's high-tech systems requiring a capable centerpiece to route everything through, this component is up to the task...and then some.

Note: As pointed out by one of our great's too bad this doesn't support both XM and Sirius.

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i looked at this system in J&R last weekend. i almost got it but i wanted Sirius for Elvis radio. i dont like XM's channels that much.

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