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Monday, June 26, 2006

What's With All This Dolby Stuff?

Surround sound. If you love audio, it's a no-brainer. If not, it can be very complicated. Or is it? Expert audiophile, Mark Fleischmann provides a "few pointedly asked questions and relatively simple answers" meant to help "blow away a few clouds of gloom and perplexity."

According to Wikipedia the term Dolby has many meanings. It refers to the surround sound technology invented by Ray Dolby in 1965.

It could also refer to Thomas Dolby, an accomplished musician (no relation). Thomas Dolby (born Thomas Morgan Robertson, on 14 October 1958, in London England) is a British musician, best known for his 1982 synth pop hit "She Blinded Me With Science". He is also a successful session musician, music producer, inventor and entrepreneur, whose company Beatnik, Inc. created the polyphonic ringtone software used in over 100 million mobile telephones.

You can also get a great book by Charles S. Swartz that talks all about Dolby surround sound and engineering.

Check out the Dolby site here.


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