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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Silverchair Interview

When someone mentions the band Silverchair, your first thought or memory will vary depending on where you're from. People in the U.S. and Europe may only remember Silverchair as a few kids who skyrocketed to stardom in 1994 after their first album, Frogstomp. Thanks to such hit songs as "Tomorrow" and "Israel's Son," the Australian trio, consisting of singer/guitarist/songwriter Daniel Johns, drummer Ben Gillies and bass player Chris Joannou, became international superstars when they were only fifteen years old.

Since 1994, the last decade has been a mix of trying tests and triumphs for Silverchair. Battles with extreme fame at an early age, an eating disorder, and a case of reactive arthritis kept the band mostly grounded in their home continent Australia. But despite these setbacks, Silverchair managed to pass the time by repeatedly making hit records and racking up more #1 albums than any other Aussie band including AC/DC, Midnight Oil and INXS.

Silverchair's latest album, Young Modern, is their first new record in 6 years, and the tour supporting it will be their first U.S. tour in over a decade. Even though Silverchair was in the middle of launching their U.S. tour, Daniel Johns and Chris Joannou found a little time to do a quick interview with They were humble, candid and even funny. Enjoy...

Interview: Silverchair (Young Modern)

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