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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Framing Hanley Interview

Framing Hanley have certainly come a long way in a very short time. First formed in 2005, the band posted some song demos that they recorded on a Macintosh on Then in November of 2006, these demos were discovered by Brett Hestla, former Creed bassist and frontman of Dark New Day.

Hestla helped the young Nashville based quintet record a 2 song demo in his Florida studio which captured the attention of Jeff Hanson (Creed, Sevendust, Paramore) and his record label Silent Majority Group. Framing Hanley's debut LP The Moment was released August 2007.

We had the good fortune to get some time with Framing Hanley's frontman Nixon. This young star has a very intense voice reminiscent of Chester from Linkin Park. Listen to the breakdown in "Hear Me Now" to get an idea of what I'm referring to.

Interview: Framing Hanley vocalist Kenneth Nixon


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