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Infinity Total Solutions TSS-1100
Five Little Speakers With Big Speaker Sound
Date Created: 04/02/2006 Last Updated: 05/28/2006 Authors: Staff

Can 5 little speakers and a sub woofer deliver superior audio for under 2k? These little speakers may not deliver the acoustic quality of George Lucus' living room, but they come pretty close for a fraction of the price. The Treblemaker tested this system with:

The Infinity Total Solutions TSS-1100 is a complete multichannel music and home theater loudspeaker system featuring proprietary MMD drivers. With their compact and versatile design, the satellite speakers can be placed virtually anywhere - on shelves, or mounted on a wall using the included bracket. The center channel can easily be placed on top of, or on a shelf below, the television. The included cradle allows you aim the center channel up when it is placed below the TV or down when it is placed above to direct the sound toward the listening area. The powered subwoofer delivers the bass impact and excitement for your favorite music and movie soundtracks. The satellites and center channel feature extruded and brushed aluminum enclosures.


Standard black or white squares and rectangles won't win any style awards. BUT...if you're looking for a simple-looking, contemporary system this is a cool customer that will fit into any home environment.


Deep sound with a great sub woofer. The system performed well with all three music samples...very solid overall, especially if complimented by an equally solid, reasonably-priced system such as the sleek Denon Studio CD Player With MP3 Playback and the Denon AVR-1706 7-Channel Home Theater Receiver.


4 satellites Center channel speaker 250-watt RMS powered subwoofer with 12" driver Adjustable wall brackets for front and surround speakers included 


NOTE: In the past I've been EXTREMELY disappointed with these systems...this one performs well in comparison.





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