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Polk Audio RM10 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System
The Perfect Compliment to ANY High-Quality TV
Date Created: 05/31/2006 Last Updated: 05/31/2006 Authors: Staff


Five compact speakers and a high performance Powered Subwoofer make up the RM10 compact home theater speaker system. Its stylishly sculpted Pewter anodized Aluminum Satellites look awesome next to your plasma or flat screen television, and can be mounted either on the wall using their aimable brackets or on shelves. Either way, this system was designed for minimal intrusion into your space, and maximum sound quality. High tech materials and features, such as Satellite PowerPorts and Subwoofer Slot Load venting technologies, ensure superior sub/sat system performance, delivering rich, full-bodied, big speaker sound from stylish, compact packages.

Last week a buddy of mine had a few people over to watch the 3rd game of the Detroit vs. Miami series. He bought a really nice TV (I think this is the model he has) a couple of months ago and some very respectable components. Until now he had been holding out on speakers...but finally gave in and picked up the Polk Audio RM10 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System with Subwoofer when his "girlfriend" moved out. I've only had an opportunity to hear the speakers twice now, but both times they sounded really solid. The speaker system made the HD surround sound really pop and when we watched some NHL even the sound of the puck hitting the stick on passes was crisp.


According to my buddy set-up was a breeze. Each speaker comes with its own bolt-on swivel bracket for easy wall-mounting...he mounted the rear satellites and the center channel speaker on the wall, rested the two front speakers on a bookshelf and essentially put the sub-woofer where he had floor space. At this point, both aesthetically and functionally, it's a dream system. During some TV viewing and music, it took a few hours to get the system 'tuned' correctly. The front speakers were moved a couple of times and the audio had to be tweaked on both the TV and receiver but when all was said and done the sound is astonishing for an out-of-the box system for under $750. The center channel occupied a position just below the television set and was angled up slightly to point at the listening position. Main speakers and surrounds were angled in as well so that the optimal listening position was favored. All listening tests were done from the optimal listening position.

Build Quality

The build quality of the subwoofer is quite good for this type of system. The driver is mounted to fire into a separate tuned, ported chamber, leaving the amplifier and rear of the driver in its own braced compartment. The amplifier section delivers 100W RMS according to the specs on the Polk website, plenty of power for the 8 inch driver. Our examination of the amplifier components assured us that these specs were right on target. The boominess demonstrated by the sub is not going to be solved for free.

Great looks and outstanding performance right out of the box thats what the Polks RM speaker systems are all about! The RM10 includes stylishly sculpted satellites made with heavy-duty, non-resonant aluminum. Their rounded shape helps to break up internal standing waves for pure, lifelike sound.

As usual I requested my usual three CD test to "examine" how they sounded with different types of tunes. I had to pick from his library of music and grabbed the following:

In short, we came away mightily impressed with the sound these speakers delivered for the money.

The Polk RM Series has a long-standing tradition of excellence among audiophiles. Here's what people have said about Polk RM systems in the past:


"...they really mop the floor with the competition. It's very hard to find speakers that excel in both surround and stereo, with a truly listenable sub…Matthew Polk has produced a winner. These are the best poor man's surround speakers I've heard yet."

"...the RM7500’s forte is movie playback. If you want to impress your neighbors with action-packed movie music and effects, it won’t disappoint you… Moreover, it provides a seamless soundfield that really envelops you, along with a stud-shaking sub."

"Wall-mount wonder!" "If you're looking for a versatile wall-mount surround set with a good sub at a good price, this is an excellent choice."


"Extended and airy, bright but not edgy. Many audiophile speakers should be so good."

"...combined great strengths in music reproduction with exceptional home-theater excitement."


"...the RM6200 sang brilliantly...The speakers sound even better than they look...recommended for anyone after a mid-priced, fuss-free set of quality speakers to use in a small to medium-sized room."  


Whether you’re listening to music, playing games or watching movies, the Polk RM10 system brings entertainment to life. Full-range drivers play clear highs while a long-throw ported subwoofer pumps out the bass so you don’t miss a single wham, bump or thump of your favorite music or games.


NERD NOTE: With a good ear and willingness to try several different tuning formats the best sound quality will be achieved.


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